Session 1
Weapons training and befriending a jerk

Day 1:
Today was just another day, like every other day for Cecilia Vi Nyalawyn, a pious and solemn young elf with a trusting and kind nature. Her morning preparations upon waking up, as usual, rouse her sleeping foster brother Gob, an unsightly and mischievous goblin shining with intelligence, whom her mom had adopted years ago. Gob, rubbing the sleep from his eyes irritably, respectfully follows both Cecilia and her mother, Marilyn, as they go about delivering their hour long prayers to the Morning Lord Lathander. As they continue their morning prayer and rituals, Gob returns to his room, where he studies and thinks on his own innate magical abilities, studying and memorizing some of his more favorite spells.After both Gob and Cecilia finish preparing themselves for the day, they join each other for a hearty breakfast of toasted bread and omelets, finishing with just enough time for them to rush off to school, with only one quick stop on their minds, the Swiftfoot household, home of their friends and fellow schoolmate, Phyllis.

As they walk towards their companion’s home, Gob and Cecilia turn towards discussing what lessons they may have for the day. Discussion turns from Mr. Krektannpar’s previous special guest speakers, to his lessons and frowns specifically aimed towards Gob, to reasons why the some of the other local teens don’t attend class as much. As they approach the Swiftfoot home, Cecilia knocks rather quickly upon the door, much to Gob’s dismay, who immediately goes into a trancelike state. Phyllis Swiftfoot, a grinning and optimistic halfling ready to jump at any challenge, excited at the prospect of another day started early with her friends, quickly runs to say goodbye to her father, before scampering off towards the door. She swings the door wide open to greet her friends, though before either she or Cecilia can greet each other with a simple hello, Gob’s grinning face lets of a triumphant HAH as a bright flash of light emits from his hands, temporarily blinding Phyllis, causing her to thrash out in momentary anger at the laughing Goblin. After a series of expletives from the halfling, Cecilia shaking her head at her brother and friend’s usual and childish antics, nods a confused goodbye to Mr. Swiftfoot as they continue on their way to school.

Upon their arrival, the aspiring students are a bit surprised to find Mr. Krektannpar already there, and looking all too impatient. As they take their seats on the rough wooden benches, they away their new lesson. Explaining that today, they would learn something new, hence the reason their books were absent from their usual spots, and began questioning the young companions on situations which were unexpected and new. As they were questioned on the rights to human life, when killing is acceptable, and the morals that are behind those reasons, it proved true that each friend had completely different views on each situation. Phyllis believed that threats are best taken care of before they become threats, with Cecilia believing that people deserve second chances and a right to redeem themselves. Gob, somewhere lost in the middle of his two friends, came to the conclusion that maybe people deserve a chance, or the right to be heard, but that depending on the situation, they might deserve no quarter. Soon after hearing out each student, Mr. Krektannpar told his pupils to remain seated, and that their guest speaker would be with them shortly. As he went off in his own directions, the friends discussed nervously, exactly what their lesson would be about.

The two females, both distracted as they discussed lessons and gossiped, were only distracted from their incessant talking when they realized that Gob was waving at someone making their way up towards them. The two girls then noticed Raynor Kellin, carrying a bundle of sticks, with a small bit of sweat gleaming down his face. The muscular man tossed his “tools” upon the ground upon greeting the class. He explained that for the next few days they would be having hands on exercises, and would be learning how to properly fight and defend themselves, among other skills that they could use in situations where fighting might occur. Phyllis and Gob eagerly picked up their practice weapons, while Cecilia was a tad more reserved and nervous, and Raynor instructed all 3 as they practiced upon one another. After a few hours of practice, bruised but not broken, Raynor dismissed the students from their training in fighting with sticks and shields. Covered in sweat, Cecilia decided to go shower, while Gob and Phyllis debated whether they wanted to go work, rest, or clean themselves. After a bit of running around, and Phyllis talking with her father, the two content themselves with bathing, which for Gob meant pouring a bucket of water on his head.

Refreshed and clean, and with no rush to go about their daily jobs and chores, Phyllis convinced both Gob and Cecilia to investigate the locked keep that their makeshift village was built in front of. At Cecilia’s beckoning, the rest of the group grudgingly agreed to invite the other youth, usually sullen and cynical, Tobias Williams. The three retrieved the young boy of 15, who usually spurned their advances at friendship, and were surprised to find him somewhat friendly and interested in joining, although his attitude and pessimism remained the same. As they walked and talked, the trio quickly learned a lesson on being careful with their words, and watching what questions they asked, when they created a slightly awkward moment when Tobias admitted that he couldn’t attend classes with them because of how poor he and his father was. The group quickly arrived at the keep and once again argued of ways to break in, which resulted in Gob using some of his acid magic to weaken a bar, which Phyllis promptly attempted to kick in. After deciding that at the current moment, trying to break in was more trouble than it was worth, Cecilia decided that they could at least teach Tobias some of the lessons they learned from Raynor. The four youths headed off towards “Shit Lane”, as Tobias so beautifully stated, where some of the more run down and decrepit shacks stood, and where the group could find some stray pieces of wood to practice with.

Upon arriving, Cecilia immediately found two sticks, solid and long enough to get some training with Tobias done. As Phyllis began to rummage for one to wield herself, Tobias jovially cracked his stick painfully across her back. As Phyllis yelled and shouted angrily, Tobias simply stated that he was fighting them as he would anybody, striking first and striking fast. Phyllis marched off angrily, heading towards the tavern where she worked. Cecilia and Gob took it upon themselves to try and teach Tobias what they considered the “right” way of fighting, as shown to them by Raynor. Tobias remained skeptical at their teachings, and with every method they showed him, he had his own even sneakier and more underhanded method of fighting. After a tiresome practice, Gob decided to head to the tavern where he could work, and Cecilia to the church where she could assist her mother. Before they parted ways, Tobias had one request, that Cecilia give him some old hairpins for an experiment of his. She smiled and agreed obligingly, thinking no harm in his request. Gob seemed more reserved but kept his concerns to himself as the two headed off on their own separate ways for the rest of the day.

As night began to fall, and residents in the town began to gather for supper, Cecilia arrived with her mother at the tavern. As usual, both Gob and Phyllis had finished working, and Cecilia, grabbing her meal, joined her friends at the table they sat at with each other. Sitting beside them was the muscular Raynor, the swamp rat Melissa, and the single father Willhelm with his young son Anthony. The group jovially discussed their day of training, and learned more about Melissa’s and Gob’s very different palates. Anthony asked a question he would soon regret, concerning alligators. As Melissa talked about the ferocious animals, and how they eat small people and reside in the swamps not far away, Willhelm quickly gathered his now terrified son and took him home. As they three friends ate, and the tavern emptied, Tobias showed up, which was something rather new. He consulted the friends on how he would get a meal, and was pointed towards Phyllis’s father, Mr. Swiftfoot, standing behind a counter. Tobias approached and began discussing something with Mr. Swiftfoot that left all but Gob in confusion. Astutely, he realized that Tobias lacked the funds to eat in the tavern, and he promptly paid for the boy’s meal. As Tobias joined the them at their table he thanked Gob for his generosity quietly and ate. Cecilia, noticing Gob’s inadvertent kindness decided that when she returned home, she would talk to her mother about the possibility of helping out Tobias and his father.

With their bellies full, the three friends returned home with plans to prepare for another day of training with Raynor. Phyllis, with the prospect of learning how to use a bow, was all but nervous.

I’m gonna list some of our “quests”. Basically things we may want to keep in mind and are priorities on our character’s lists.

QUEST: Weapon Training
QUEST: Helping Tobias (Cecilia)
QUEST: Breaking into the Keep (Phyllis)
QUEST: A Goblin’s Palate (Gob)

This took a lot of work to write, but feel free to edit it and add things, because I’m sure I missed some stuff. Also with the quest list, I threw in something that each of us seemed very interested in investigating. I (Dave) was really into helping out Tobias and looking for ways to help his family. Amanda really wanted to figure out a way into the locked keep and to explore it. And Sam showed heavy interest in talking with Melissa and learning more about hunting swamp animals and introducing new foods to the people of Aelmellon. Just something I think we should try to do every game, pull out main interests to individual players, and try to incorporate them more into the game. It can add more depth.

Pregame 1
Getting ready to play.

Hey everyone, just taking some note down so we don’t forget in the future.
Everyone’s ability scores were condensed to a 70 point-buy with 10 more to be added in the first few levels according to what happens in game.
Everyone was handed out 1d4 freeby random feats for the loss of their amazing ability scores. The next day the random feats were changed to reserve feats, which will be granted accordingly during gameplay. Sort of like how in Fallout3 you’d get perks after certain quests. Sam received 4, Dave 2, Amanda 1. Sam gave 1 to Amanda, making S3 D2 A2; what a gentleman.
Sam spent one of his freebies to alter one of his old feat/defect randoms. He lost the roofwalker feat and magical/mechanical jinx defect. He gained one feat for reserve, and a new defect which (private). Still leaving him with 3 reserve feats.
I’ve decided to change the location of Aelmellon to a warm climate with nearby marshes, see the wiki page for more details as they progress.
As your characters progress, feel free to update them. Also, if you’re the type for RSS feeds, they have one for site updates on the sidebar of the main page.
Cecelia Vi’Nyalawyn
That Fucking Goblin


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