Sometimes referred to as Droods, or Lewd Drewd Dewd.

Core 3.5 druids are ridiculously overpowered. With casting very nearly equal to a cleric, wild shape, animal companion, good skills, armor and an animal companion they dominate many facets of the game. RP wise, more often than not, druids suffer from being paper-thin characters with vague and unmanageable motivations.
To remedy these problems, druids are now broken into 5 subclasses.
For simplicity’s sake, I will provide a list of potential druid abilities/spells. This will also include a 2 new abilities not given to druids in core. These lists do not include minor class abilities while leveling, like woodland stride. These minor abilities will be modified to fit the flavor of the subclasses. A druid is made of 5 points. Each category costs 1 point unless otherwise mentioned.
Healing Spells, Buff Spells, Nuke/Snare Spells, Summoning Spells, Animal Companion, Wild Shape (cost 2), Lesser Rage, Nature Aspects (cost 2).
The more spell categories you select, the faster your spell progression. Lesser rage is as barbarian, but shorter duration and no modifications. Nature Aspects is a variant described in Unearthed Arcana which allows the druid take on powerful abilities to aid in combat or casting.
Wildshape, rage, lesser rage and Nature Aspects all have a set number of rounds usable per day. These abilities can be turned off and on at will (with some limitations). Also note that, in all likelihood, druids will be utilizing the new recharging spell slots. Check out Magic House Rules for more information. Summon Nature’s Ally summons a particular creature every time. Allowing this creature to perish is a very poor choice.

Anyway, on to the subclasses.

You and your people have lived off the land for quite some time. You have a reverence for nature, and the powers it grants you. Often shaman lead or advise tribes, or act as wandering sages. Usually on good terms with members of their own species, from savage to civilized.
Abilities: Healing, Nuke/Snare, Buffs Nature Aspect
Casting Ability: Wisdom
Civilization: It’s a strange thing.You hold it to no ill except when it needlessly destroys large amounts of land, or land that supports other intelligent beings you care for.
Shaman need not be limited to the wilds, though it is the source of his power. Comfortable living in small communities isn’t difficult. Being trapped in the middle of a bustling city will be a bit overwhelming. It is more so because all of this is unfamiliar to you and the feel of it is so alien to that of the wilds, not simply that you need to sleep in a tree.
Alignment: Good Shaman care for nearly all thinking creatures, including those in the cities, though his abilties better suit him to catering to those in the wilds. Evil Shaman often care only about their tribe or even only themselves. Destroying land that does not benefit him is no big deal. Shaman are rarely lawful or chaotic.

Abilities: Nuke/Snare, Summoning, Animal Companion, Wild-Shape
Casting Ability: Charisma
Blood Casting
Alignment: Nearly always chaotic
Abilities: Nuke/Snare, Summoning, Healing, Buffs, Animal Companion
Casting Ability: Intelligence
Recharge Casting
Somewhat wizard-like

Abilities: Summon, Animal Companion, Wild-Shape, Lesser Rage
Casting Ability: Wisdom
Slot casting

Abilities: Buffs, Nuke/Snare, Lesser Rage, Nature Aspect
Casting Ability: Charisma
Mana casting


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