Moon Elf

The orphaned elves that lost their homeland a few generations ago, which now live primarily with humans. Moon elves are 5 to 5 1/2 feet tall on average, with lithe (almost mildly fragile) builds. Their skin is pale, with light colored hair.

Moon Elves once ruled great magical kingdoms and commanded a mastery of magic. Now elven cities are little more than rumor and ruins, which leaves them relying on humans and (to a lesser degree) other races for shelter. Many Moon Elves blame this fact on Wood Elves of not too very long ago.

Moon Elves are typically found to be insightful, if not slightly hedonistic towards life’s more cultured pleasures. Due to this, some are looked upon as arrogant. Some are arrogant, but most are simply misunderstood. Many thank their human friends for their open acceptance, but can’t help but dream of the utopia of their ancestors.

Racial Traits
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Moon Elf

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